The Bra Guru Cares

The Bra Guru Cares

The Bra Guru specialises in a highly professional lingerie styling service.  Our service is designed to assist a woman in discovering their perfect style and size.  It is also a chance for our clients to see all the options available to them as we have a range that covers, sports, t-shirt and lacy and more.  Every woman can find a fit, however there are a few who suffer from skin irritations and some severe cases of Fibromyalgia that find the thought of wearing a bra quite stressful and very uncomfortable. For most ladies going braless is not an option, so most women bear their way through the day with a bra and you can understand why they would find the bra an implement of torture, a situation that we simply cannot tolerate.

So, I was especially pleased when I came across Caira Donlon of Theya HealthCare, like me Caira ran her own lingerie store. Caira found more of her clients coming through searching for a comfortable bra after they had undergone breast surgery specifically.  It got to a point where Caira had no choice but to look into it.  It was surprising to find that everything available on the market was made from synthetic fibres, very little natural.  Women undergoing surgery are at their most vulnerable, so it became of utmost importance to develop something natural and comfortable to add support to this daunting and highly emotional ordeal.

What Caira has developed is a revelation, Her Theya Healthcare range consists of 5 bra styles and 2 briefs, the briefs are pelvic support post-operative briefs making them a perfect solution if you are undergoing any pelvic or abdominal surgery.

The Bras offer light to medium support and THEYA HealthCare’s post-surgical range is not only beautiful with feminine designs and colours, but also promotes both the emotional and physical healing process.  What makes them unique is that all their garments are manufactured with a unique bamboo fabric mix and special design features. The THEYA bamboo fabric mix is anti-bacterial, extremely soft, absorbent, and has excellent breathability

Clinical tests were conducted at the University College of Dublin, and the results came back that the 70% bamboo mix resisted 2 of the most common bacteria found in breast wounds after surgery. Making the healing process easier and quicker.

Every THEYA healthcare garment is tag, seam and wire free to avoid skin, wounds, and scar irritation, making this the ideal and natural choice for after surgery and also ideal for women who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

These same benefits make it an option for non-surgical purposes as well as due to its natural and soft feel it offers a completely comfortable solution for our ladies suffering with any skin conditions, it has even been used successfully by clients suffering with arthritis who find the front fastening appeal a much easier garment to fasten. I can also say this bra is so comfortable it can be worn as a sleep or leisure bra for ladies who do not like to sleep bra-less.

Theya Healthcare products offer you “A Hug in a Bra” and they are now available at The Bra Guru.
For more information please visit Click Here or contact Taryn Palacios on 011-886-0871

Bra Facts You Didn’t Know

Bra Facts You Didn’t Know

Do you already know any of these facts about bras? Leave a comment below to let us know if they are all new to you or not. If you are looking for a perfect fitting bra, you can book a one-on-one bra fitting consultation for a date and time that best suits you by clicking here. Please SHARE with everyone who wears a bra!

Top 4 Questions About Bras

Top 4 Questions About Bras

Top 4 Questions About Bras.

Viewed as an essential garment in ladies apparel, bras are more misunderstood than one would expect. Some women even claim to remove their bras as soon as they get home in order to find relief from being constrained all day in an ill-fitting bra. I doesn’t have to be that way. Wearing the right size in a good quality well designed bra can honestly make such a big difference in a woman’s life. It’s no surprise that so many women see bras in a negative light, seeing as 70% aren’t even in the correct size! Here are the top 4 questions that most women ask about bras.

Here are the top 4 questions that most women ask about bras.

1.How can I tell if a bra fits well?

A good bra should not cause your breasts to bulge out the cup when it is worn, nor should it have gaping in the cup. You should be able to fit two fingers between the back strap and your back.

2.Why are the straps digging into my skin?

This is a common complaint among women. One of the likely reasons is that the bra is too small.  The under band should do most of the support work and not the cups. It is recommended that you change your bra if this occurs.

3.How often should I replace my bras?

It depends on several factors. The quality of the bra you own can also play a part. A common answer would be from six to eight months, however don’t feel that you have to use the six to eight month tip as a rule. Think of it as a guideline. You might have bras that last double or triple that depending on the number of bras you have in your collection and how you take care of them.

4. How many bras should I have in my collection?

There is no exact number of bras you should own. It is, however, recommended to purchase at least four bras for a healthy lifestyle. Always find the right size and style that best suits your shape.


Why investing in a good bra is never a waste of money

Why investing in a good bra is never a waste of money

I was recently reading an article on smart spending and what items are worth investing in and where you can afford to save etc…

Under the fashion items the first item on the list that was worth investing in was “A Good Bra”, well this is no secret to me, but it didn’t stop me from shouting out “Yes, Halleluiah!”  with excitement ,because it means that the message is growing and that women are starting to understand the true value of this item.

I have said it time and time again, a bra can make or break your outfit, it can help you buy better simply, because you will buy clothes that fit and sit better on you.  It can make your bust look smaller or fuller, and give you an enhanced waistline, my clients often tell me how after being correctly fitted friends and colleagues will remark on their weight loss, and there has been no weight loss, just a new bra.

A good bra can be your best friend when it’s properly fitted and your worst enemy when it is not, so make sure you invest wisely by making the effort of having yourself properly measured and fitted for a bra that is going to work for you.

One thing I know for sure is when I feel and look good I notice that I don’t sweat the small stuff, everything seems a little bit more possible and I’m not so hard on myself. Something as small as a bra can have a huge impact on my self-confidence.

In the spirit of feeling good,  I would like to issue a challenge to all you ladies! Make a great bra part of your 2018 journey. If you would only like to have the fitting consultation then this is perfectly fine too, you can have an expert fitting and 45-minute bra style consultation for R350, and if you do decide to purchase a bra on the day, this fee is waived.  Take the plunge, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Life is complicated enough…your bra shopping doesn’t have to be.

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To view more of our range please book an appointment for you one-on-one bra fitting consultation.

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Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

You’ve set the date… Now it’s time to find the perfect bra!


I always say that every woman deserves to feel like a Queen, but on your wedding day, you should feel like the Queen of all Queens.

The day you step out in front of all your friends and family, the day that every moment, gesture, and glance is caught on camera, is the day you need to feel your most magnificent.

Many women book the venue, caterers, and dress without so much as thinking of their lingerie, and by the time it comes to tick this off the list, there is little or nothing they like available, or worse, the stock will only be in 2 weeks after the wedding, I know, I did this to myself!


This is one of the biggest dilemmas I come across in my business, having so much to give but so little time to get it!

Beautiful Future brides, I implore you to always decide on your wedding lingerie before you pick your dress. We offer you lingerie styling that will make sure you have the perfect lingerie to bestow you great comfort, support and in a style that will make you feel elegant and beautiful on your special day.


The style of lingerie can have a huge impact on the type of dress you choose.  If you are an H cup and cannot get a strapless for your dress, but you can get a stunning 3 section lace cup that has you secure and looking great then you will not choose a strapless dress option.  If you have a backless dress you will need a breast lifter, but again this is only effective for A-D cupsizes.

You may want a stunning 3 piece set with bra, brief and stylish suspenders, that make you feel like the ultimate Goddess on your special night.  The point is that there are realistic and practical solutions for you.


This is one of the days in your life that you have to enjoy every moment, so make sure that an uncomfortable bra situation is not hampering you on your ultimate day of Queening!

Breast Changes during Pregnancy

Breast Changes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in your life when everything changes. Your life is about to evolve in the most real and wonderful way, however a lot of preparation and consideration is involved as your special day approaches. The first thing that happens most commonly is that our breasts get very sensitive and can increase by an entire cup size from one week to the next. It is quite extraordinary. Unfortunately we often fail to notice this as a remarkable event because all of our focus is drawn to our bulging breasts in an all too small bra. It is at this very moment when the words “bra size” might come into play. It may go something like this: “What on earth?”, “So what is my bra size?”, or “How do I find out what my bra size is?” and “Why do things have to change?” and then “Argh, @#@!,*8%#!!”. All a very normal part of this process even though it may not feel like it at the time.

When you come to the realization that you now have to go bra shopping and you do not even know where to begin, this is the moment that you should seek out the help of a professional Bra fitting specialist. At The Bra Guru, We offer you a free bra fitting consultation. This will ensure you find your correct Bra size, and we will then discuss the options available to you and take it from there. We offer you are range of imported maternity and feeding bras from A-I cup. The price of these vary from R799- R1699 depending on the style.

A lot of ladies ask me if it is worth investing so much in a bra for pregnancy. This is such a personal question and only one that you can answer. I know from personal experience that when I finally came to get my bras it was worth every single cent, When I fell pregnant with my second son, it was the first thing I budgeted for, so it all becomes about planning.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive bra when you are pregnant, but you should consider the importance of finding the comfort of a perfect fitting bra. You will be buying a bra that has been designed to give you the most essential support during your pregnancy and nursing. These bras are made from superior quality fabrics. They are hypoallergenic and allow your skin to breathe. They are also complete with “grow with me” technology that is unique to the Maternity range. It is this technology that allows the wires and fabrics to expand and support your breast during this time of change. If anything, it is important to spread the message that knowing your correct bra size is essential, and getting the right support will help you to look and feel better. When both of these elements is right, we can accomplish anything. 

“There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.”
                                                                                                     ~M. Russell Ballard

So if you, or someone you know is struggling, help is at hand at The Bra Guru. Book your free bra fitting today!

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To find your correct bra size, please book an appointment with Taryn.