AVON Walkathon

AVON Walkathon

We had the opportunity to introduce our amazing Sports bra range at this year’s Avon/Justine IThemba Walk for hope! What a spectacular event, the organisers had thought of everything and it was so wonderful to see so much support for such a worthy cause. I was so glad to be there to show woman the value, if not a necessity, of wearing a sports bra when training or exercising. We will spend money on our workout gear and shoes, both also important, but neglect the most essential item which is keeping your breasts supported during exercise. Your breasts can bounce up to 2000 times per kilometer, that just sounds uncomfortable.

Our bras are superior in design and fit and can give you a feminine separated look too. Our size range also accommodates cups up to an H which is why a lot you train in your everyday bra because you cannot find the right fit in your local sport’s shop. It is also a little known fact that most oncologists recommend breast cancer patients wear a sports bra for maximum comfort.

A sport’s bra should provide and snugger fit and because it has a fuller cup, which is designed for maximum support, they are ideal for fuller coverage fit and do not require a pocket or prosthesis. All in all this was a great opportunity for us to feature our specialist service! I cannot imagine the shock a woman must experience when she gets the news that she has breast cancer but witnessing the fighting spirit of these ladies who champion their cause with their amazing families, friends and even pets in tow is inspiring!

What a sensational message that even through moments of dark despair there are sparkling rays of hope and a loving support system! It is important that we take care of our bodies, prevention is unknown but early detection can save your life. Please get your breasts checked and make self-examination a part of your weekly if not daily routine. This can be done quick whilst in the shower. Until next time, Take care…