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Your Fit is Guaranteed!

At The Bra Guru we are dedicated to giving you the most professional bra fitting service that will not only assist you with finding your right fit but allow you to feel the benefits of a well-fitting bra.
Our appointment service allows you the opportunity to fit with the expert and the time to see what really works for your body shape. You will only feel the bra properly when you wear it for the first time. If you experience any discomfort you must contact us immediately. Your fit is guaranteed to ensure we get your fit perfect every time!
So If you have spent countless hours trying on and struggling to find the best fitting bra for you, then it is now time for you to visit us.
Once you have the benefit of a good quality, expertly fitted bra you will start to feel uplifted emotionally, your clothes will look better, your shape will improve and in most cases your posture and comfort levels will improve too.
This feeling of upliftment gives you an inner peace and outer confidence that will make you feel great!

bra fitting service
bra fitting service
Taryn Palacios

Taryn Palacios

Managing Director at The Bra Guru

Notes from the Guru

Hi There,

My name is Taryn and I am here to assist you in finding a bra that works for you. I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of woman¬†from all walks of life and each of them a shape of their own.I’m dedicated to offering a personal service and that is why I have created a space that is not only relaxing and beautiful but designed to make your fitting a comfortable and pleasant experience. It is my goal to have you leave here a more confident and uplifted woman!
I look forward to meeting you!