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Not Sure of your bra size? Try our Bra Size Calculator

If you are not able to visit one of our studios to have yourself professionally measured please do so by making a booking, alternatively please refer to the Size Calculator below.

While there is no substitute for Professional Bra Fitting we have included a bra size calculator below.   However, sizes can change from style to style, so if you need more guidance before you place your order please contact us.

Measuring tips for the Bra Size Calculator:

*Make sure your underbust measurement is firm

*If possible, try to get someone to help you in order to double-check your measuring.

*If in doubt contact taryn@thebraguru.co.za


Have a look through our bra fit tips to find out more about how your bra should be fitting you.

With Love,

Taryn xoxo

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To view more of our range please book an appointment for you one-on-one bra fitting consultation.

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