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Colour in winter…why not?

Why winter is the perfect season to dabble in colour…..We know and love basics and there will always be a place for them, but sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.  Give your wardrobe a little va-va voom this winter with a dash of salmon, red, blue...

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Finding Your Perfect Shapewear

Love it or Hate it, there are times when nothing else will do…Read these Top 3 Tips from The Bra Guru on finding yourPerfect Shapewear! Contrary to popular belief, Shapewear, will not help you drop a dress size… and choosing an incorrect size can only have an opposite...

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3 Tips To Help Mothers Feel More Self Confident

Being a mother is a challenging job, and it can be difficult to maintain the confidence needed. But it is important for mothers experiencing self-doubt to know they are not alone. Studies have shown that there is a link between being a parent and a decrease in...

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The Bra Guru Cares

The Bra Guru specialises in a highly professional lingerie styling service.  Our service is designed to assist a woman in discovering their perfect style and size.  It is also a chance for our clients to see all the options available to them as we have a range that...

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Bra Facts You Didn’t Know

Do you already know any of these facts about bras? Leave a comment below to let us know if they are all new to you or not. If you are looking for a perfect fitting bra, you can book a one-on-one bra fitting consultation for a date and time that...

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Top 4 Questions About Bras

Top 4 Questions About Bras. Viewed as an essential garment in ladies apparel, bras are more misunderstood than one would expect. Some women even claim to remove their bras as soon as they get home in order to find relief from being constrained all day in an...

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Why investing in a good bra is never a waste of money

I was recently reading an article on smart spending and what items are worth investing in and where you can afford to save etc… Under the fashion items the first item on the list that was worth investing in was “A Good Bra”, well this is no secret to me, but it didn’t...

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Bridal Lingerie

You've set the date... Now it's time to find the perfect bra!   I always say that every woman deserves to feel like a Queen, but on your wedding day, you should feel like the Queen of all Queens. The day you step out in front of all your friends and family, the...

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Breast Changes during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in your life when everything changes. Your life is about to evolve in the most real and wonderful way, however a lot of preparation and consideration is involved as your special day approaches. The first thing that happens most commonly...

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