The Bra Guru Cares

The Bra Guru Cares

The Bra Guru specialises in a highly professional lingerie styling service.  Our service is designed to assist a woman in discovering their perfect style and size.  It is also a chance for our clients to see all the options available to them as we have a range that covers, sports, t-shirt and lacy and more.  Every woman can find a fit, however there are a few who suffer from skin irritations and some severe cases of Fibromyalgia that find the thought of wearing a bra quite stressful and very uncomfortable. For most ladies going braless is not an option, so most women bear their way through the day with a bra and you can understand why they would find the bra an implement of torture, a situation that we simply cannot tolerate.

So, I was especially pleased when I came across Caira Donlon of Theya HealthCare, like me Caira ran her own lingerie store. Caira found more of her clients coming through searching for a comfortable bra after they had undergone breast surgery specifically.  It got to a point where Caira had no choice but to look into it.  It was surprising to find that everything available on the market was made from synthetic fibres, very little natural.  Women undergoing surgery are at their most vulnerable, so it became of utmost importance to develop something natural and comfortable to add support to this daunting and highly emotional ordeal.

What Caira has developed is a revelation, Her Theya Healthcare range consists of 5 bra styles and 2 briefs, the briefs are pelvic support post-operative briefs making them a perfect solution if you are undergoing any pelvic or abdominal surgery.

The Bras offer light to medium support and THEYA HealthCare’s post-surgical range is not only beautiful with feminine designs and colours, but also promotes both the emotional and physical healing process.  What makes them unique is that all their garments are manufactured with a unique bamboo fabric mix and special design features. The THEYA bamboo fabric mix is anti-bacterial, extremely soft, absorbent, and has excellent breathability

Clinical tests were conducted at the University College of Dublin, and the results came back that the 70% bamboo mix resisted 2 of the most common bacteria found in breast wounds after surgery. Making the healing process easier and quicker.

Every THEYA healthcare garment is tag, seam and wire free to avoid skin, wounds, and scar irritation, making this the ideal and natural choice for after surgery and also ideal for women who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

These same benefits make it an option for non-surgical purposes as well as due to its natural and soft feel it offers a completely comfortable solution for our ladies suffering with any skin conditions, it has even been used successfully by clients suffering with arthritis who find the front fastening appeal a much easier garment to fasten. I can also say this bra is so comfortable it can be worn as a sleep or leisure bra for ladies who do not like to sleep bra-less.

Theya Healthcare products offer you “A Hug in a Bra” and they are now available at The Bra Guru.
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