Colour in winter…why not?

Colour in winter…why not?

Why winter is the perfect season to dabble in colour…..

We know and love basics and there will always be a place for them, but sometimes it’s nice to try something a little different.  Give your wardrobe a little va-va voom this winter with a dash of salmon, red, blue and anthracite. 


Purple Leaf


Why it works? “Winter fashion is all about layering, it means I can wear my favourite blue bra and no-one will know, it’s the perfect season to have fun with colourful lingerie” says Taryn aka The Bra Guru, who goes on to say “as long as we know the style and shape of the bra work for you, which we ascertain in your fitting, why not try something different”







With Love,

Taryn xoxo

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To view more of our range please book an appointment for you one-on-one bra fitting consultation.

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Finding Your Perfect Shapewear

Finding Your Perfect Shapewear

Love it or Hate it, there are times when nothing else will do…

Read these Top 3 Tips from The Bra Guru on finding your

Perfect Shapewear!


Contrary to popular belief, Shapewear, will not help you drop a dress size… and choosing an incorrect size can only have an opposite effect and is sure to give you a night of indigestion. Nor…is it only reserved for the fuller figure.

Shapewear has the power to enhance and it can be comfortable, I Promise. So if you are not finding it comfortable, perhaps it’s time to look at some tips that will turn that dreaded circulation thief into your undercover best friend!


1. Don’t Buy Shapewear that is too small

Gosh, have we been getting this wrong for years?
Shapewear firms up your current size and in order to create a streamlined look, you want to go with a comfortable size. Start with your current brief size.

Too Small


2. How to put on Shapewear without dislocating your shoulder

Maybe a mild muscle strain is more accurate, even when you buy your right size, it can be a trifle tricky to get on.  Our recommendation is to step into your shapewear rather than trying to get it over your head. You should step in one leg after the other, then it’s a steady pull up.

Painful Shoulder


3. Choose the right style

If your tummy is your biggest concern, then control briefs are what you are after, if you are wearing a figure-hugging dress, then a shaper dress or shorts will smooth out any lumps or bumps.
There are definitely benefits to having a reliable pair in your cupboard when the occasion arrives. Here are my top recommendations:

Support Lower Tummy

Smooths Thighs & Bottom, Seamless

Supports Tummy, Waist & Bottom

With Love,

Taryn xoxo

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To view more of our range please book an appointment for you one-on-one bra fitting consultation.

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Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

You’ve set the date… Now it’s time to find the perfect bra!


I always say that every woman deserves to feel like a Queen, but on your wedding day, you should feel like the Queen of all Queens.

The day you step out in front of all your friends and family, the day that every moment, gesture, and glance is caught on camera, is the day you need to feel your most magnificent.

Many women book the venue, caterers, and dress without so much as thinking of their lingerie, and by the time it comes to tick this off the list, there is little or nothing they like available, or worse, the stock will only be in 2 weeks after the wedding, I know, I did this to myself!


This is one of the biggest dilemmas I come across in my business, having so much to give but so little time to get it!

Beautiful Future brides, I implore you to always decide on your wedding lingerie before you pick your dress. We offer you lingerie styling that will make sure you have the perfect lingerie to bestow you great comfort, support and in a style that will make you feel elegant and beautiful on your special day.


The style of lingerie can have a huge impact on the type of dress you choose.  If you are an H cup and cannot get a strapless for your dress, but you can get a stunning 3 section lace cup that has you secure and looking great then you will not choose a strapless dress option.  If you have a backless dress you will need a breast lifter, but again this is only effective for A-D cupsizes.

You may want a stunning 3 piece set with bra, brief and stylish suspenders, that make you feel like the ultimate Goddess on your special night.  The point is that there are realistic and practical solutions for you.


This is one of the days in your life that you have to enjoy every moment, so make sure that an uncomfortable bra situation is not hampering you on your ultimate day of Queening!