Hair Colouring Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Women all over the world invest in their appearance by coloring their hair. Whether the goal is to hide signs of aging or to experiment with a new look, coloring your hair can be a great way to enhance your aesthetic. That said, there are some mistakes you can make that can prevent you from getting the results you want.

Neglecting Post-Color Treatment

When it comes to coloring your hair, you have the option of taking the DIY approach or having it done in a salon. Regardless of what you choose, there’s more to dying your hair than just having it colored and moving on. Coloring your hair can make your hair more fragile, so make sure you condition it well afterward. According to StyleCraze, quality conditioning and using a hair mask regularly can help nourish your hair after coloring and helps your color last longer. Make sure that when you shampoo your hair you use a color-protective variety.


It can be tempting to color your hair frequently, especially if your hair grows fast or if you enjoy switching up your style often. Be careful about the frequency with which you color your hair. According to Blake Charles Salon, coloring too often can make your hair more prone to breaking. It’s also important to note that the lighter you go, the more susceptible your hair is to being damaged. Talk with your stylist to make sure you’re coloring your hair with a frequency that will help you maintain your look but avoid damaging it excessively.

Not Being Honest With Your Stylist

Your stylist has the knowledge and skills to color your hair properly and get the results you’re looking for. That is, provided you’re honest with them. It’s important to tell them if you’ve ever dyed or treated your hair before since it will almost certainly impact the result. At best, you could end up with unexpected colors in your hair by the end. At worst, your hair could melt, leaving you with little choice but to sport a much shorter hairstyle. Your stylist should have an understanding of how the chemicals involved in dying hair interact with one another, but unless you’re honest with them about your hair’s history, all the knowledge in the world won’t do much good. According to Matrix, knowing how to talk to your stylist and what to tell them can make a huge difference.

Hair coloring mistakes can be easy to make, but they are often preventable. Make sure you don’t neglect post-color treatments and avoid overcoloring. Above all, be honest with your stylist. That way you’ll have your best chance at having gorgeously colored hair you can feel amazing about showing off.

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