Tips for taking care of your bras

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Once you have invested in a good quality bra, it’s important to take care when washing your delicate lingerie. See these important lingerie washing guidelines from The Bra Guru.

Machine vs handwashing

In some instances, perhaps for soft bras such as no wire bras can be machine washed, however, we still recommend hand washing as a far superior and controlled method.

There are a few steps you can take for machine washing certain bra styles in the best way, to prolong their wear. These include:


1. Fastening the hooks before putting them in the machine

2. Washing on a delicate 30 cycle with gentle detergent

3. Washing with similar colours, in a Bra Wash Bag

4. Reshaping the cups of molded bras with your hands when they come out the wash (never wring or stretch them)

5. Hanging them out to dry (don’t put them in the tumble dryer as this can break down some of the fibres and you’ll lose elasticity).



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