10 facts everyone should know about breast cancer

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With October being breast cancer awareness month, it is a great time to support breast cancer research as well as the women who are breast cancer survivors. It’s a good time to remember to arrange your annual mammogram.


Here are 10 more facts about breast cancer to be aware of this pink month:


1.12% of women or one in eight will develop breast cancer.

2.  A gene mutation called BRCA1 and BRCA2 can boost the probability of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer. Yet, most breast cancer incidents are sporadic or have no known genetic basis.

3.  A known risk factor for breast cancer is obesity. The reason for that is because estrogen is carried in fat cells. The more fat cells present means that there is more estrogen present in the body. Women with long lifetime exposure to estrogen may be at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

4.  The most valuable screening tool in the detection of breast cancer is the mammogram and it plausibly saves thousands of lives every year.

5.  Immunotherapy is a treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Clinical trials for immunotherapy have been promising.

6.  Women with cancer in one breast are 3 to 4 times likely to develop cancer in the other breast or in a different section of the same breast.

7.  Caucasian women are slightly more prone to developing breast cancer than are African women, yet African women are more prone to dying of breast cancer.

8.  There is also a possibility for men to develop breast cancer. Approximately 1 out of 5 men with breast cancer have close male or female family members with the disease.

9.  Signs of breast cancer can include anything from a difference in the look or feel of the breast to spontaneous nipple discharge, or a lump. It is important to know the symptoms of breast cancer in order.

10.  Wear pink with pride as the pink ribbon is a global symbol of breast cancer awareness and began in 1991.

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