3 Tips to Make Your Mother-Daughter Day Truly Perfect

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The bond between mother and daughter is like no other relationship. From the minute your daughter is born, your lives are intertwined forever. But as she starts to get older and ventures into her preteen and teenage years, the little girl who only wanted to be by your side starts to grow up. Now, instead of playing with baby dolls and watching you put on makeup, she wants to get her hair done and start experimenting with makeup as well.

Plan Your Day

To make sure your spa day together goes off without a hitch, you need to plan in advance. Choose a salon that can cater to both of you, without making your daughter feel like an outsider. For instance, if you want to get your hair done but your daughter dreams of a professional manicure, find a place that will pamper you both. You might even consider having a DIY spa day at home if you don’t want to pay for two salon visits. This day is about spending time together while making both of you feel special.

Look the Part

A mother-day daughter day always demands to dress to the nines, so choose outfits that make you and your daughter feel elegant. Even if it’s only a silk blouse or a new pair of shoes and handbag, make sure to look the part. In fact, it might even be fun to experiment with your hair color and try a new color together. If you’re not sure how to dye your hair properly, there are lots of hair coloring tips that you can find online. You can even set up a before-and-after photoshoot to show off the amazing transformations. This can be really fun if you or your daughter chose an extreme makeover with cut and color. If you don’t want to make quite a permanent change, you can always get a dye that is temporary or use some hair chalk.

Show Off Your New Look

Nothing tops off a day of pampering like eating in a swanky restaurant. After the two of you have been made to feel like queens, grab a bite at a glitzy place where you can chat about girl things. Order things that you’ve never had and sample to your heart’s content. Keep in mind that you don’t need to order the entire menu. Sometimes, it’s even more fun just to sample appetizers while sipping on mocktails.

Even though every mother and daughter relationship are different, one thing remains the same: Your love for each other and your desire to make your daughter feel as pretty as she is, inside and out. If your daughter is just entering those rocky preteen years, this time can do wonders to make her feel just a little extra special.

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