8 Fitness New Year’s Resolutions to Kick-Off 2022

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With a new year comes the chance for a fresh start in all areas of life, including exercise and wellbeing. The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to commit to a better lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to entail spending time in a crowded gym with a bunch of other well-intentioned people. Here are 8 feasible fitness resolutions that you can easily work into your schedule, regardless of your present lifestyle.

1. Prepare for a 5K Run

Anyone can start running, no matter how fast or slow they are; all they need is time. Even if you’re new to running, a beginner-friendly run-walk technique like Couch to 5K can help you achieve this objective.


2. Holding a Plank

Planks are the way to go if you’ve been looking for a way to strengthen your core. You can work up to a 90- to 120-second plank with consistency, and you’ll have visible abs in no time.


3. Up Your Water Consumption

There are numerous reasons to quit drinking soda and begin drinking more water. Drinking up to eight glasses of water every day will help you acquire cleaner skin, feel more invigorated, and reduce weight, in addition to remaining hydrated. Begin by taking a refillable bottle to work and choosing water over alcohol when dining out.


4. Increase your walking time.

Walking is a fantastic form of exercise that is sometimes ignored until you begin to do it more frequently. Every little amount helps, whether it’s taking your dog for longer walks on a regular basis or going to the shop instead of driving a few blocks away.


5. Consume More Fruit.

It’s always easier to commit to eating more fruit than it is to commit to eating more veggies. When cravings strike, fruit is a better option than processed sugar, so start stocking your fridge and preparing your blender.


6. Try out that fitness class you’ve been eyeing out.

Whether it’s spinning or a local yoga class, make a commitment to at least trying it once. As an extra benefit, several gyms and studios will give you a free trial session.


7. Get Enough Sleep Time.

It’s easier said than done, but the advantages of obtaining better sleep, from increased energy to improved immunity, are numerous. Take steps to get to bed earlier in the evening, such as practicing yoga or removing devices from your bedroom.


8. Begin your workout in the morning.

Evening workouts are notoriously difficult to stick to, especially when it’s dark outside or something more enticing, such as happy hour, presents itself. You’ll set the tone for a good day and be able to enjoy evening social responsibilities guilt-free if you get up early enough to work out with the morning dawn.

Improving your fitness and wellbeing can be incorporated into your life with ease just by making a few small changes. Get ready to make 2022 your year of health and wellbeing.

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