In my line of work I get the opportunity to rubs shoulders with some of the best in the industry.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pippa Leenstra at a Woman’s event here in Johannesburg recently.

Pippa is a personal stylist and I just love her ethos “personal style is an outward expression of your inner self” We are both in the business of making woman feel amazing from foundation outwards.

I was delighted when Pippa approached me for a bra fitting as she could relate to this struggle.  I have included her very honest and open blog about her experience.  Please enjoy…

How to choose the right bra

You’re in for some action in this post.

I am being brave and sharing a photo of myself – in a bra, with no t-shirt over it.

I figured if I’m going to talk candidly on the subject of how to choose the right bra, I need to be open enough with you myself.

I don’t know any woman who loves going shopping for bras (maybe if you’ve just had a boob job it takes on a new meaning) but for most of us we find it to be not only a chore, but a rather unpleasant, unsatisfactory experience.

I have miniscule boobs. They were always on the small side but I was actually quite happy with them, until breast-feeding 2 children left them even smaller than they were, and we’re not even talking about ageing and gravity and all that yet.

So I am still wearing my pre-babies bras because every time I try to find a bra, the store never has my size and I leave in a huff. My boobs don’t fill my pre-babies bras, so it’s really not such a good look.

I always thought I’d have a breast enlargement, but at the moment I’m definitely not considering this. I kind of have the attitude of: This is my body, it’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I’m proud of it and everything it has been through in its 36 years.

Anyway, the too-big-bras are no longer, thanks to my recent visit to Taryn from The Bra Guru at her lovely studio in Hyde Park.

We found a bra for me within 15 minutes, it was so effortless and simple. Taryn has such a lovely, warm, gentle way about her. I never felt uncomfortable or awkward at any stage. I didn’t have the usual experience of having to sift through rails and rails trying to find my size, trying on umpteen bras, and then leaving either empty-handed or with an ill-fitting bra because I just had to get at least one.


Here’s me in the bra. My boobs actually fill it, I can bend down without worrying that there’s that gap between boob and bra!

20150521_121209 20150524_075006

Underwear is all about comfort, plus a little bit of the beauty/sexy factor thrown in. I really love this bra as not only is it so super comfy, it’s also pretty. I’ll be going back for a flesh-coloured one soon.

Taryn caters for all sizes, ranging from size 30-44, A-H cups.

My advice is to chuck out all your uncomfortable or ugly bras and literally have 3 really good ones that you rotate.

You know all about my less is more approach and this totally applies to underwear. Your bra 100% affects how you look in a top, so make sure it’s one that you really like and that works for you.