Beauty Routines You’re Spending Too Much Time On

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Whether you’re gussying up for a good time or just want to feel a little extra special, there are plenty of reasons to spend some time on yourself. Of course, our efforts as women to look fabulous sometimes get a little out of hand in terms of the time they take. Some beauty routines are especially prone to being time consuming, and there are easy ways to shorten them and still enjoy the same results!

Skin Care

Skin care is a must for any woman who wants to maintain skin that is clear and appears youthful. The thing is, though, that skin care routines can get enormously complicated with all the different types of cleansers, creams, serums, and gels available, so much that you’re overwhelmed and avoid skin care or take hours doing it. A simple routine that includes a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen is likely to work well for most people in terms of everyday skincare. Your skincare routine should fit your type of skin and add in other products only as needed.

Plucking Hairs

Hair can be a thing of beauty, at least when it’s groomed well and kept clean. But for many women, hair on the legs, face, underarms, and in more private areas tends to be less desirable. There are plenty of methods that women use to deal with this. Shaving and tweezing are popular methods, but they take time, can be uncomfortable, and require regular upkeep. Waxing is less of a hassle and leaves you hair-free. The results last much longer than shaving too, saving you even more time.


For some women, makeup is a normal part of their daily routine. For others, it’s more of a special occasion sort of thing. Either way, with all of the different products and styles to try to emulate, putting on makeup can take quite some time. If you‘re spending hours in front of a mirror, try to simplify your routine and stick to the basics. Also consider long-lasting products that prevent you from needing to touch things up or reapply them constantly, like lip-stain instead of lipstick and water-proof eye make up.

Feeling beautiful can do wonderful things for a woman. It’s so much easier to be confident when you feel good about how you look. But you shouldn’t need to spend endless hours to achieve that feeling. Take some time to examine your beauty routines and see where you can make the process simpler and more efficient. You’ll save yourself a lot on product and time!

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