The Bra Guru’s tips for finding your perfect fit

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Are you among the 80% of women who are wearing the incorrect bra size?

Research has revealed that a lack of proper breast support could lead to breast pain, which is reported by 50% of women. If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your bra, have a look at The Bra Guru’s advice on the do’s and don’ts of how your bra should fit.

If you consider wearing a bra as an uncomfortable experience, it’s time to consider finding your perfect fit.


Let’s take a look at how your cups fit


finding your perfect fit

This is because the cup size is too big.
Keeping your band size the same, choose a smaller cup.

finding your perfect fit



finding your perfect fit

This happens when the cup is too small.
Keeping your band size the same, go up a cup size or two.

finding your perfect fit



Your breasts should be well enclosed with the cups of the bra. The cup should fit snuggly at the neck and underarms.


Now let’s see how your underband fits


If the back of your bra rises up, the band is too big for you. Try going down a band size but up a cup size
(for similar cup capacity)



If the underband feels like it’s digging in, you need to go up to the next band size but down a cup size
(for similar cup capacity)



The bra should be quite firm around the body and ideally fitted on the middle hook and eye. 

See our online bra fit guide or our bra size calculator for more information on finding your perfect fit.

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