Celebrate Mother’s Day In Safety With These 5 Thoughtful Ideas While In Lockdown

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Celebrate Mother’s Day in safety with an original spin on Mother’s Day traditions

The current pandemic has pushed us to readjust and discover imaginative new ways to spend quality time with one another. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day is not exempted.
That’s why we are sharing 5 special ideas for commemorating the important women in our lives as we celebrate Mother’s Day in safety.
The following ideas will give you the ability to share special moments with one another, whether you’re in the same house or at a distance.

1. Share a pleasant meal with one another

Sharing Special Meal

Although we are currently unable to eat out at restaurants, we can still experience a special feast with the extraordinary woman in our lives. One option is to order Mum’s preferred meal through a takeaway delivery service. If you reside in close proximity to them, you could drop off her ideal homemade meal and perhaps even some table decorations too. You could eat together face to face if live together in the same house or even eat together virtually over a video call platform or while on the phone with one another.

2. Attend an online show together

Virtual Show

Another activity that could be enjoyed with each other is to listen to music or watch a virtual show. A lot of music artists, symphonies, and broadway performances are now making shows accessible online at no charge. The National Theatre in Uk is just one of the many performers who are doing this.

3. Bake Treats or prepare a meal together

Cooking A Meal Together

If you are fortunate enough to be in the same house, you could whip up some delicious baked cookies or cook a special dish with one another. You could work alongside each other depending on your Mums abilities. You could prepare several uncomplicated ingredients, or she could watch and be the taste tester.

4. Give Mum a gift voucher for her ideal services

Mothers Day Voucher

To make your mother’s life more comfortable, you could present her with a gift voucher for her favourite shop or restaurant that is currently delivering their products or to an online store. At the moment, grocery deliveries are also extremely helpful. You could make thing’s even simpler for her, you could inform them that you will be gifting her next grocery delivery and arrange the order for her. If you are looking for something more personal, you could even get your mum the gift of the perfectly fitted bra. If you would like to arrange a personalised Mother’s Day gift voucher, we are happy to assist you.

5. Plan a home spa day for her

Home Spa

Every mom I know would be ecstatic with this treat from her daughter. And after this much time spent in lockdown, it’s very likely that she is in dire need of a manicure and pedicure. Give mom an at-home spa day with scented candles, a luxurious bubble bath, cucumbers on her eyes and a cleansing face mask. With all the stress she has had to handle lately, she definitely deserves the extra care and pampering, especially on such a special day of the year!

These loving gestures, no matter how great or small, most certainly do go a long way. As we celebrate Mother’s Day in safety, never forget, the most immeasurable gifts, are the ones that come straight from the heart.


With Love,

Taryn xoxo

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