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Join us while we hang out with heather. Listen to Heather from Niche Radio catching up with Taryn Palacios. We talk about the incredible initiative that we are running this October. The mission is to collect and distribute used bras to ladies in need.

We are so excited and grateful to have had to opportunity to spread the word of our trade up campaign. The way it works is ladies can come into our studio and donate an old bra (or however many they would like to contribute). As a thank you, we offer a 10% discount voucher for her to make use of on the same day or whenever she is ready to buy herself the perfect fit.

All of the bras that we get are handed to ver kindness like confetti. Which is a non-profit organisation established to help all women who may be in need.

Who is Heather? To sum it up, Heather has a great love of the events industry. This has established her as one of the most recognised social media influencers in South Africa.

Who is Niche Radio? They are an online audio platform providing podcast and audio live streaming services.
Niche Radio was founded in 2008. Their initial concept was a top-class podcast platform catering to emerging markets by giving extremely low data rates. They performed their goal and assisted in serving millions of podcasts to Africa on mobile networks. They issued a complementary radio streaming service in 2015.

Niche Radio is produced by Pint Size Media, hosting numerous personalities, discussing a variety of opinions and reviews.
Click play on the podcast below to hear what we all had to say.
This “Hang out With Heather” podcast took place on 11 October 2019 at 9 am.

With Love,

Taryn xoxo

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