How to Stay Healthy in Cold, Dry Weather

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Winter can be the most wonderful time of year. But frostbite nipping at your nose isn’t always a cheerful experience. This winter, make sure you stay healthy in the cold, dry weather by applying the following tips!

Wear Warm Clothes

While the popular saying “don’t go outside without a coat, or you’ll catch a cold” is just an old wives’ tale, there is some truth to wearing warm clothes to stay healthy during winter. Spending time outside unprepared will lower your body’s internal temperature, affecting your immune system. Lowering the immune system puts you at a higher risk of catching the flu or common cold that often circulates around winter. Glen Allen Pediatrics also recommends you layer your clothing. The first layer should be breathable and help keep the body dry by removing moisture. The second layer should insulate you to retain warmth, and last, the third layer should protect you from the elements linked to wind and rain/snow.

Moisturize Your Skin

Cold air, dry indoor heat, and harsh winter winds can deplete your skin’s moisture. The constantly changing environment from warm buildings and cold exteriors is a fast way to make your skin become dry and cracked. Your skin is your biggest organ, protecting your body from exterior elements. During the winter, it is especially important to give your skin extra nutrients and moisture. This will help prevent disease and infection. Signs of dry skin include redness, itchiness, cracks, and unhealthy cuticles. According to Blake Charles Salon, moisturizing your hands helps keep your cuticles soft and healthy, as does moisturizing other areas where your body is prone to dryness.

Drink Water

During the summer, it is easy to remember to drink water. The hot sun quickly dehydrates your body and water is used to cool your internal temperature. Few people recognize that winter air is often even drier and requires staying on top of your hydration needs as well, however. Cold temperatures eliminate moisture in the air, drying your internal and external organs. Drinking water helps keep your systems hydrated and helps flush toxins and diseases that do make their way into the body. According to Parkview Health, staying hydrated through the winter can help boost your immune system and give your body the support it needs to fight off infection.

Each season comes with unique challenges for your body. Taking care of your body will improve your overall health. Stay healthy in cold, dry weather by dressing warm, moisturizing your skin, and staying hydrated!

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