I was recently reading an article on smart spending and what items are worth investing in and where you can afford to save etc…

Under the fashion items the first item on the list that was worth investing in was “A Good Bra”, well this is no secret to me, but it didn’t stop me from shouting out “Yes, Halleluiah!”  with excitement ,because it means that the message is growing and that women are starting to understand the true value of this item.

I have said it time and time again, a bra can make or break your outfit, it can help you buy better simply, because you will buy clothes that fit and sit better on you.  It can make your bust look smaller or fuller, and give you an enhanced waistline, my clients often tell me how after being correctly fitted friends and colleagues will remark on their weight loss, and there has been no weight loss, just a new bra.

A good bra can be your best friend when it’s properly fitted and your worst enemy when it is not, so make sure you invest wisely by making the effort of having yourself properly measured and fitted for a bra that is going to work for you.

One thing I know for sure is when I feel and look good I notice that I don’t sweat the small stuff, everything seems a little bit more possible and I’m not so hard on myself. Something as small as a bra can have a huge impact on my self-confidence.

In the spirit of feeling good,  I would like to issue a challenge to all you ladies! Make a great bra part of your 2018 journey. If you would only like to have the fitting consultation then this is perfectly fine too, you can have an expert fitting and 45-minute bra style consultation for R350, and if you do decide to purchase a bra on the day, this fee is waived.  Take the plunge, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Life is complicated enough…your bra shopping doesn’t have to be.

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To view more of our range please book an appointment for you one-on-one bra fitting consultation.

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