So here we are, 2015, Wow 2014 seemed to flash by however it still managed to be long and challenging at the same time. Overall a very good year for me personally and when I measure what is really important, I can accept that I have no complaints and am blessed with 2 healthy boys, who continue to amaze me every day and a life that is mostly full, although there always seems space for more.

I heard a friend recently say how January was her favourite month of the year, I had never quite seen it that way? I have always viewed and known January to be a tough month that you can wait to end.

In her thoughts January was her favourite month because it was a time of reflection of the year past and preparation for the year ahead. She is absolutely right! This is the time of the year that we get to plan exactly what we want our year to look like, this is the month to write it down, however you wish and make a plan to get to where you want to get.   If we miss this precious time then by the time we reach February our year starts to run away with us.

There is an all too well-known saying that states “It is better to plan and fail, then fail to plan” this was never a truer statement. We can’t forge ahead blindly, we owe it to ourselves to take a couple of moments out of our day this January and make plans for 2015. We can’t go back and reclaim 2014 so you have no choice but to make 2015 your year!

Go get it!

“Define the Woman in you” – The Bra Guru