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It’s important to check that you are wearing the right size bra because breast size can change up to 6 times in a female’s lifetime.

Your bra should fit perfectly. And be comfortable, with no straps cutting into you, or heavy or loose cups. Only then can your bosom come into its own right. Yet we often have trouble finding the right size. In fact, research shows that around 70% of women buy the wrong bra size.

And how about you? Do you know what your size is?

Perhaps you have the same cup and back size you’ve always had since you were twenty, but if so, you are the exception. Your breasts are constantly changing: pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormones can be responsible for that, as well as eating habits or just getting older. Do you finally want to find the right bra in the right size?

Then get some help from a Bra Fitting specialist

Treat yourself to some ‘me-time’ and pop along to The Bra Guru. Find out how great it feels to finally wear the right sized bra. We offer you a free fitting service because we know how difficult it can be. Never go home in the wrong bra again.

Have a look at our Bra Fit Guide to see if you are currently wearing the right size.

With Love,

Taryn xoxo

Our size range caters for up to a K cup

To view more of our range please book an appointment for you one-on-one bra fitting consultation.

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