Why You Should Move Near Your Aging Parents

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Do you have elderly parents you are concerned about? Because of COVID-19, people have radically changed the way they interact with each other—including family members. While your parents may be fine now, moving closer to them can be a great way to keep them safe in their remaining years.

Give Your Aging Parents a Support Network

Support networks are important for everyone. It is good to know you are part of a family or group that cares about you. Support can mean several different things. You may be able to help them physically with chores, financially with medical payments, or emotionally with drastic life changes. If necessary, you may be able to move them into your home (though this isn’t always recommended).

Living closer will also help you communicate more. While digital discussions may suffice, in-person conversation gives you more information about your parents to help them more effectively. A strong support network is great for you and your parents.

Watch for Signs of Cognitive Decline in Aging Parents

Moving near your parents can also help you understand them better. Cognitive decline is a real problem for many seniors, and it isn’t as obvious as physical deterioration. If your parents seem to be forgetting things more often, they can put themselves in serious danger. Imagine if they forgot they left the oven on or left the front door unlocked.

If the cognitive decline is severe enough, you may want to take your parent to a retirement facility. According to The Moments, many times it’s better to leave long-term care to professionals. This way you know they are safe but can visit them whenever you want.

Extra Quality Time

These final years of life can be difficult for older family members. The elderly often suffer from loneliness more than any other demographic. Because of this, moving closer to them can help them with their long-term happiness. The Upside to Aging points out, few things can top a family gathering where you are surrounded by family members who love you.

You should make the effort to plan visits with your parents frequently. While you may think it’s impossible to schedule a time to visit, at least plan a phone call every week. Your kids should know their grandparents very well. This will help your family grow closer.

There are many reasons you should move closer to your aging parents. You can spend extra quality time with them, make sure they are healthy, and give them support in any way necessary. You will not regret the time you spend with them, and this makes it even easier.

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