How to Build Stronger Bones as You Age

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Keeping your bones strong might become an increasingly important goal as you age. Weak bones make it difficult or impossible to perform basic tasks like running or playing with your grandchildren—things you could once easily do. However, there are ways you can ensure stronger bones and prevent too fast of degeneration.

Strength Exercises

Getting involved at your local gym can be a great way to strengthen your bones and muscles. While not perfect for everyone, working out for thirty minutes a day can drastically improve your strength and take the stress off your bones. Exercise can keep your muscles spry and engaged.

You might want to work with a coach who is used to helping seniors. They will be able to give you advice on which exercises you should and should not do. If you have medical concerns, talk with your doctor or work with a physical therapist who can give you specific directions on what exercise you can do.

Get More Calcium in Your Diet

Everyone knows that milk builds strong bones. Milk is practically swimming with calcium, which fortifies your bones when consumed over long periods of time. Calcium is especially important for your dental health. While milk is one of the most common ways people meet their quota on the mineral, other foods contain calcium too.

Leafy green vegetables contain plenty of calcium. Kale, okra, and spinach are all excellent sources if you are lactose intolerant. If you aren’t a fan of milk but love dairy, cheese and yogurt are other great alternatives. For people who are adventurous, you can also try out sardines—though maybe don’t eat those too frequently.

Limit Unhealthy Substances

There are certainly foods you should try that can boost your physical health and strength, but there are also plenty of bad substances that weaken bone structure. You should avoid too much alcohol or caffeine in your diet. You should also stay away from all forms of substance abuse, as these make your body frail and weak.

While not a drug in the traditional sense, you should also limit the amount of sugar you consume. Sugar creates plaque and ruins your teeth, but can also make you prone to weight gain. Additional weight on brittle bones can make for bad accidents.

While you may not be able to move like you used to, there are ways you can keep your bones strong. By eating the right foods and staying away from the wrong ones, you are already doing yourself a huge favor. Couple that with regular exercise, and you can stay strong for longer.

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