How to Deal with Pain After Waking Up in the Morning

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Everyone has been there. The alarm clock goes off, you roll over to turn it off, the sun is peeking through your curtains, hailing in a new day… and then it hits you. Pain. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, foot pain, all of it can put a damper on your morning and your whole day. But life doesn’t have to be full of pain every day from the moment you wake up until you go back to bed. Here are three ideas to help you deal with pain after waking up in the morning to live a pain-free life.

Change Your Sleep Position

It might not be your age or your body causing your pain, it may be something as simple as your sleep position. If you find that you are waking up with back pain every day, you should try switching up your sleep position to something that might alleviate your pain. You should try sleeping on your side with a pillow in between your knees if you experience back pain when you wake up. The pillow between the knees can help keep your pelvis, spine, and hips better aligned while you sleep which can reduce irritation while you sleep.

Get a Better Mattress

If your sleep position isn’t the culprit, your mattress might be. There are all sorts of mattress upgrades that you could try to relieve your pain symptoms. If you sleep on a soft mattress, consider switching it up for a firmer option, to give your spine and back some additional support. If you topically sleep firm, you should try a softer mattress, to see if that is what you need. And if you suffer from other problems, consider an air mattress as a solution. An air mattress can prevent bedsores and other sources of sleeping pain. Try something different with your mattress and see if it offers relief.

Start Your Day with Stretching

Another great way to relieve pain and prevent it from returning is to start every day with a short stretching routine. Tight and sore muscles and joints may be at the root of your pain, and some light stretching every day can help you relieve the pain and prevent it from coming back. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just a simple collection of a few stretches for a few minutes every morning can have you feeling great in no time. Make sure to hold your stretches for about 30 seconds to get full relief.

Nobody likes waking up with aches and pains in the mornings. And luckily, there are some things you can do to relieve your morning pains. Give these three tips and tricks a try to see if you can get rid of your aches and pains.

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