Is Social Media Hurting Your Self-Image?

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Is Social media affecting your self-image negatively? Even though Social media is a convenient way to connect with others online, it’s not always so great for your self-image. Research proves that social media use is linked to problems for many people, including mental health struggles. Before you start scrolling, make sure you know how social media use is affecting you.

Too Easy to Compare to Others

Social media is designed to be addictive, and it definitely is. Users find themselves checking to see how many likes and retweets they have received. If someone shares something you posted, it’s possible to fall down a rabbit hole trying to find out if anyone else shared it. It’s also easy to compare yourself to others. Social media only shows a slice of someone’s life, and it’s often the curated version the other person wants you to see. However, it’s easy to see pictures or posts about the lives of others and assumes you are somehow falling short. This can be a major hit to your self-image and happiness.

Mental Health Issues Connected With Social Media

Among the many negative effects of social media, the mental effects can be the worst. It’s very hard to love yourself when social media images are dragging you to the depths of depression and anxiety. This is especially true for teenagers who overuse social media. They have an increased risk of experiencing anxiety, depression, and aggression when on social media too often. The link between mental health issues and social media use makes sense. Besides comparing yourself to others constantly, you also see people post opinions you disagree with and then feel anxious. This can lead to confrontations online that rarely solve anything. However, they do stress you out and cause cortisol to course through your body, something that is not good for your physical or mental health long term. Stepping away from social media or making sure to limit how often you use it can help you deal with mental health struggles.

Keeping Up Your Online Image

In addition to scrolling through everyone else’s curated social media lives, you have to create your own and maintain it when you have a social media account. This is exhausting and can also create a disconnect between your real self and your online self. This can make you feel like an impostor or a fraud who is afraid to show your authentic self to anyone. That feeling is not good for your self-image or your mental health. It may be hard to figure out social media connections as well. If everyone is putting up a front, how do you know who you are really friends with online? This is why all the connections that social media has to offer can still result in an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

Social media can be a problem if you don’t put limits on how often you use it. If you suspect that social media is having a negative impact on you, don’t be afraid to pull away and take a break.

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