Why You Might Struggle to Fall Asleep at Night and What You Can Do

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Sleep is an essential part of your health, but unfortunately there are times when it can be difficult to actually fall asleep. When this is the case, it’s helpful to find the root cause of what is keeping you up so you can make adjustments and start getting the sleep you need. Here are a few possibilities of why!  

Stress and Mental Health

Your mind has a major influence on your ability to sleep. If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, this often leads to difficulty falling asleep and even disruptions throughout the night. One of the biggest reasons stress keeps you up at night is because of racing thoughts. The events from your day, or even worries about the next day, and musing about them over and over can keep you from falling asleep. These thoughts may even interrupt your sleep between sleep stages and wake you up. Find a healthy way to process your worries from the day. Writing them all down before bed can help you process them and ease your anxieties.

The Wrong Sleep Conditions

Sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep if you aren’t creating the right conditions for yourself at night. The room you sleep in and what’s going on around you can influence your sleep quality. Most people sleep well in cool, dark, quiet spaces. If you’re a hot sleeper, an air mattress can help you feel more relaxed. Similarly, you can keep a fan blowing in your room. Finding ways to block out light from your room can also be helpful. Blackout curtains can block out light coming in from a window. Sometimes it can be difficult to get an entire room to the right conditions, of course. In these instances, you can wear an eye mask to block out light and ear plugs to block out sound.

Your Daily Activities

What you do during the day can have a big impact on your ability to fall asleep and your overall sleep quality. There are many changes you can make to your daily routine to help you fall asleep at night. Exercise is a particularly great tool because it tires your body out so you’re more ready to fall asleep at night. It is also helpful to get outside or at least expose yourself to sunlight as early as possible. Doing so can help your body set a natural circadian rhythm.


During sleep, your body performs many important functions, including allowing you to process and recover from your day. Struggling to fall asleep cuts back on this. Make healthy changes to your daily routine, and speak with a doctor if you continue to have problems falling asleep.


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